Beowulf Draught Ales

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The Beowulf Brewing Company's real ales, its branding and designs for our labels and pump clips are mostly inspired by the Beowulf saga. The helmet logo was inspired by that unearthed in the mound that was discovered to be a ship burial at Sutton Hoo in England. See the same helmet at The British Museum.

Read about how the helmet was discovered by archaeologists in 1938 and what else was found in the ship burial at Sutton Hoo CLICK HERE.

~Beowulf Dark Ales~

(ABV 4.5%)
A traditional, flavourful mild with an apple and toffee aroma. Dark Raven won a Bronze Medal accolade from CAMRA in its Old Ales & Strong Milds category in 2011.

CAMRA Silver Medal Winner 2011
(ABV 4.7%)Finn's Hall Porter is a fitting tribute to Finn, a character famed for his hospitality, brought to life in the story of Beowulf. Our porter is as it should be: inviting, dark and smoky, hoppy and not too sweet. The kind of ale that invites one to linger... Finn's Hall Porter received a Silver Medal in CAMRA's Porter Category in 2011. 

CAMRA Silver Medal Winner 2009 and 2010
(ABV 4.7%)
Dragon Smoke Stout is really bitter and black. Dark malts and roasted barley combine to produce a smoldering "chocolate" flavour... followed by a mouth embracing bitterness. Dragon Smoke Stout won CAMRA's Silver Medal in its Stout & Porter Class in 2009 and 2010 and remains the webmaster's favourite tipple.

~Beowulf Mid-Amber Ale~

(ABV 4.3%)
The Stafforshire Hoard was found but a few stone's throws from the Beowulf Brewing Company and Folded Cross was inspired by the find which, strangely some would say, dates back to the story of Beowulf. Folded Cross (like some of the unearthed treasures) is an alluring copper-coloured bitter.

~Beowulf Light Ales~

(ABV 3.9%)
Beorma has all the characteristics of a perfect session ale. The beer is wonderfully balanced with its malty hint of fruit giving weight to a delightful lingering bitterness

(ABV 4.4%)
Chasewater is a pale bitter with a traditional hoppy flavour and a lasting bitterness. Craft brewed in celebration of the Beowulf Brewing Company's relocation to the shores of Chasewater in the Forest of Mercia.

(ABV 4.5%)
Swordsman is a bitter beer of fruit and citrus. The beer is pale, dry and crisp and explodes with taste and aroma.